Carnival Costume Ideas DIY

Carnival is approaching? Here are some ideas to make a carnival costume sending little and helping with everything you have at home. Started to open their closets!

Opens the carnival and around the whole Italy everyone will participate definitely some costume party.

If maybe, like me, you have no idea how to make a suitable dress and especially not want to spend a fortune, I suggest a few simple costumes that can be recycled from your closet maybe just buying a few accessories.

1. Jem e le Holograms

The first outfit that I propose is what I first realized I have to attend a party themed cartoons. Who among you does not remember one of the most famous cartoon that drove us to the nineties, Jem and the Holograms ? What you’ll need to make this costume? A purple wig, a dress 80s-90s maybe pink or fuchsia and you’re done!

2. Arale

Another very simple mask would be to Arale. Who has not at home a white shirt, a denim overalls and a pair of sneakers? In this disguise it must add only a purple wig, a pair of goggles of any color, and a baseball cap to which to apply a pair of wings on the sides we can accomplish by drawing on a cloth towel, available in every haberdashery.

3. Catwoman

Another simple form to be realized is the legendary Catwoman . Just get in the house a pair of black leather pants or a pair of leggings, a black bodice that can be low-cut, with long or short sleeves and a nice pair of boots with heels blacks. To complete the look, you can buy a whip, a mask and a tail.

4. Sandy in Grease

Another idea rather simple and inexpensive is to masquerade as Sandy in Grease, just remove the tail, mask and whip Catwoman and put on a beautiful nail in black skin and a red checked shoe, cotonarsi as much as possible hair if we have them already blond or buy a wig.

5. Hippie

Finally, the fifth proposal is that by Hippie . Who does not remember the mythical ’70s? Fashion have returned often in recent years! And maybe you have in the closet a pair of bell-bottom jeans, a colorful shirt with some psychedelic reason, or maybe a flowered dress? To this we must simply add a pair of round glasses with colored glass, a band on the forehead and some clip flower-shaped hair and maybe that’s it.

In any case, any outfit you decide to wear, remember to apply make-up in an exaggerated way and whimsical, and to choose a costume that suits your personality so that you can feel at ease throughout the evening.