Carl F. Bucherer plays Polo

More and more watch manufacturers discover Polo as a field of activity – as a sponsor or with special models. Especially for Polo fans in Germany Carl F. Bucherer has now brought an Edition limited to 100 copies of the Patravi ChronoDate on the market. In contrast to the production model, which wears Polo Edition the logo of the German Polo tour at six o’clock. Also a Designdetail at the Tote of the stop minute at nine o’clock is interesting for polo players: here, four segments are circled in alternating red and yellow. Every quarter measures 7.5 minutes exactly, exactly as long as as a Chukka Polo takes maximum. The remaining duration of the game is so easily recognizable with a view on the wrist.

Carl F. Bucherer: Patravi ChronoDate Polo Edition (5900 euro)

The watch powered as in the standard model of the in-house self-winding caliber CFB 1656.1 is available the watch only in eight Bucherer stores in Germany. 5900 euro over the counter, go there then the business can leave with one of the remaining 99 pieces. Because the watch with the number 3 receives Christopher Kirsch, Captain of the Bucherer Polo Tournament and initiator of the German Polo tour.

The increased interest of watch companies of the upper class to Polo is not vonungefähr: while Golf has become almost a national sport, Polo has can retain its character as elite sports event in Europe. Certainly, this is also because that Polo is connected with considerable investment. A Polo Horse costs 5000 to $15000 in the cut, and according to the rules, a player with at least two horses to a tournament must travel. Who appears in this environment, can address so a fairly well-defined target audience, who are interested in high-quality watches normally.