Caribbean Style Jewelry

Cheerful, colourful butterflies, flowers in the colors of the Rainbow, sparkling stones in shades of Rosé – and Aqua – the jewelry world kidnapped this summer in the tropical paradise that radiates exotic Caribbean feeling and demonstrating the wonderful facets of nature. Immediately several jewelry brands have the tropical theme dedicated to.

Swarovski invites in the tropical paradise and presents a fascinating world of glitter in beguiling colours. The different shades of green to reflect the rainforest, intense Fuchsia is reminiscent of the flowers noble orchids and shining turquoise seduced to dive in the Blue Lagoon. Latin American elements with a hint of the legacy of the Incas are just as naughty skulls, inquisitive birds and insects, as well as elegant glamour pieces that reminiscent of romantic nights under the Moon and stars.

ESPRIT is on the tropical island. Enchanting rainforest charms show small exotic companion, ensuring delight on the neck or wrist. Highlights include the blue Hummingbird, the changing Chameleon, the extraordinary Toucan with a powerful beak, and the bright red frog. The pretty companion the colored models fit Marin 68 speed there is inter alia in Raspberry red, Pastel pink and purple.

Guess is in the collection of fly, the butterflies fly girl. With turquoise-blue enamel or accented with sparkling crystals, they flutter on playful bracelet or make a summer statement in larger formats. Flowers are in the collection in bloom at the Center and are used by indigofarbener and purple enamel with appropriate crystals in scene. Blue satin ribbons ensure a girlish playful touch.

Blue is the dominant color in the Sealife collection by heartbreaker. With a bold leap into the water, the jewelry brand releases the look on a fantastic underwater world. Mermaids and crowned seahorse, fish with Puckered lips, shells and starfish tell magical stories and flirt with softly shimmering pearls.

But tells enough: best herself immersed in the tropical paradise and get inspired by the exotic world.