Candiru Fishing

Fearsome fish in the Uruguay River
have often spoken of the dangers that lurk beneath the waters of our most important rivers.

For a long time, watching television programs such as Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, etc. They spoke of a fearsome, small fish, but it left serious consequences on the body of his victim.

The famous Candiru, canero or vampire fish inhabitant of the Amazon.

At that moment one thinks that the situation must be horrible, but as we were suffering in the flesh, but situations of people who lived on the banks of the Amazon had, we did not worry too much, but now we worry about us; worse could not be raised.


Today in waters of the River URUGUAY, if passed denoche one mallita bait, we can surely be surprised to catch a Candiru, the vampire Amazon fish.


If, today, and we can say that the famous Candiru, is among us, and if the population of this fish is growing in the Uruguay River, eventually could easily extend its habitat to reach the entire Plata basin.
What is Candiru?

The Candiru (CANDIRU), also known as blue candiro, canero or vampire fish is a freshwater fish of the order Siluriformes, belonging to the family of catfish, inhabiting the Amazon. It is especially famous and feared for his aggressiveness in staying in the genital openings or excretory prey to feed on their blood. You can reach up to 15 centimeters and is elongated and transparent, so it is virtually undetectable underwater.


I hope they serve and take into account not bathe naked if vacationing in these areas of the country, better safe than sorry.
There are 12 species of Canero, or Candiru. Which he was caught in waters of the River Uruguay opposite the city of Columbus (E.Rios) (3 copies in 2 consecutive nights) corresponds to the species Henonemus punctatus,
Gender Henonemus (Stegophilus) are true parasitic catfish living in the chambers gill of larger fish, as the largest members of the family Pimelodidae. Gnaw on gill filaments and suck blood.
The males can reach 9 cm in total length.
It is a freshwater fish and tropical climate.