Can You Wear Underwire Bras During Pregnancy

Would underwire bras not recommended during pregnancy? There is no formal proof, but may be possible. Many British midwives, for example, strongly advise against purchasing rigid bras during those nine months (during breastfeeding).

Why? It seems that the reinforcements can hamper the natural development of the breast during pregnancy. Indeed, it changes shape and size in preparation for breastfeeding, you might have noticed! The reinforcements could thus prevent a good blood supply of the breast or “crush” the milk ducts under development. Then you may feel pain or being uncomfortable in your bra.
The breasts begin to transform much sooner than we think! By the 6th week of pregnancy, the sensitivity is increased and breasts grow already. Often the breasts become “lumpy” in the first quarter because the milk ducts begin their development. Darker skin around the nipple enlarges and darkens more. The veins beneath the thin skin of the breast are becoming more visible because the flow of blood increases: we must ensure its growth and development to prepare for breastfeeding! Breast grows steadily during the nine months. On average, chest gains 5 cm and 1.4 kg!

That is why it is essential to wear a comfortable bra that keeps well and your chest. But how to know if one has to go to maternity bras listed on BABYINGER? It depends on your pre-pregnancy size and the “pace” of development of your breasts. For some, it will be very early in pregnancy. For others, just weeks before the birth. Do not hesitate to go to specialty stores: personalized advice will be very useful! You need a good bra that supports the weight of your breasts without compressing them. Your size could change 2 or 3 times throughout pregnancy.

Know a good maternity bra: the straps should be wide to provide good support and be height adjustable: you can easily adjust the SUPPORT- able to gorge your breasts will flourish.

The secret? Always choose the right size. If you wish to continue wearing bras with underwire during those nine months, make sure that the rigid frame does not compress the breast. Do not sleep with either! If you sleep on your side, the rigid elements could sink into the breasts and cause problems which you would spend you well.