caï men – Gunslingers

As boy loved I Wild West movies and their heroes. Especially Winnetou and old Shatterhand, guys like Butch Cassidy, Doc Holiday, or Billy the kid, and of course the movies starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. Count of the childhood of many men to immortal legends Gunslingers. In countless Western most of the lone cowboy was law and order. Here, the man was still a real hero: fearless, fast gun, and always on the side of the right he ran the rogues and scoundrels and was also almost always victorious from the battle.

The new fall/winter collection by caï men picks up on the myth of the lone Avenger and translated it into masculine details. The smart companion for everyday life are 925 / – sterling silver made of high quality, prices are at 139,90Euro or 109,90Euro for the Signet Ring and are now available at selected jewelers.