Brunettes Cria for Fishing

Students from Cologne April 3 High School explained to various local media and authorities the scope of the ictícola experience which are breeding Brunettes in captivity. This venture would be a great solution to the growing demand for bait used in sport fishing, which currently it is purchased at a high cost in neighboring provinces such as Chaco and Formosa.

The work to be presented proximamamente in the VII Provincial Sample Microemprendimientos to be held in Corrientes is called “Breeding and Marketing of Brunettes” is developed by students of the 6th year: Gisela Gómez, Yellow Star, Dian Luxen, Nahuel Miño, Fabian Gomez, Sixto Luxen, Andrea Ramirez, Viviana Retarnozo, Horacio Rojas, Nelson Romero, Johana Vargas and Diego Romero Aquino; . with the advice of teachers Raul Quiroz, Sergio Miño, Claudia Carreras, Ana González, and the collaboration of Javier García, Iris Gomez and Pablo Insaurralde.