Bridesmaid Dresses

Check out tips and models of bridesmaid dresses to set the time.

The wedding is the most awaited day for mostwomen and that the theme chosen is accurate all the details should talk to each other. Thinking about the wedding color palette and how it will be used in the clothes of the guests that will be special part of the ceremony is a task that requires attention, especially the flower girls. Some Brazilian brides, weddings inspired by other countries, prefer to swap the flower girls by adult bridesmaids. Hitting the dresses and the colors used, the result is beautiful in photos and on the big day, making the unforgettable moment. Check out tips bridesmaid dresses to hit at the time.


In the United States and Europe the bride has a tradition to use adult bridesmaids to precede his grand entrance at the ceremony. The chosen carry bouquets similar to the bride and usually come after the godmothers and godfathers.

Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

So that everything goes as planned is necessary that you have attention when choosing bridesmaid dresses from ezinereligion. So it’s important to follow some tips to help you choose, such as:

* Who should choose the dresses?

The big day is the bride so she must choose the designs and colors of bridesmaid dresses to match your wedding vision. But it is important that the bridesmaids also be involved in the choice, since the dresses should go down well at all. Therefore, the bride should choose the length, style and color and fix a day for the bridesmaids dresses experience with it, because then can decide together which model is better.

* Length

The length of the bridesmaid dresses can vary and should respect the occasion. Therefore, the ideal is that they are not too short and the length from the knee is a good bet. To set the length, consider the time and type of ceremony. If a wedding in the morning or the afternoon, choose dresses at the knee or a few centimeters above. But if your marriage is in the late afternoon, prefer the midi length, which is below the knee. As for weddings at night, prefer long.

* Fabric

The choice of fabric should also follow the type of ceremony and time. For outdoor ceremonies or earlier prefer dresses with lighter fluid and fabric. As for the most exquisite wedding, prefer the more structured fabrics. Good choices are the lace, silk, satin, taffeta and tulle.

* Color

When choosing the color of the bridesmaid dresses you should take into account all the decoration and wedding theme. You can use the bridal bouquet the base color to choose the color of the dresses, so that the result can be harmonious and beautiful. Another tip is to choose a color that makes contrast with the white dress, so that in a group photo the effect be amazing. Some color tips are pink, blue, green, red and yellow.

If you wish, the bridesmaids can use different colors to each other. One idea is to choose a color and opt for dresses in various shades of it as a gradient. If you dressed in different colors, choose colors that complement each other and are present in the decoration.

If you prefer you can also choose dresses two colors. For the more adventurous, a good tip is to bet on the dresses that are of a color on the bust and another in the length of the skirt. You can also choose a color detail different dress base tone at the bar or ribbon around the waist.

* Models

Models bridesmaid dresses can be chosen according to the bride’s taste, but always respecting what makes the guests feel good, after all, you do not want an unhappy bridesmaid or complaining to your big day.

You can opt for the same dresses for all the bridesmaids, merge fabrics together or merge models. The tip is to always have a detail that is equal in dresses: If you want different fabrics dresses, bet on the same model for all, as in the case of different models, bet on the same color for all. Create a unity between the dresses so that they are in accordance with the wedding theme.

The bridesmaid dresses should be chosen carefully and always respecting the taste of the guests, but remembering that who has the final say is the bride. Knowing tips for choosing the perfect dress, hit the eye will be easy.