Bride Dress Trends 2016

After innovations in transparencies, there are many armed skirts and ostentatious models. The 2016 dresses bring a well oriented to the classic collection, traditional, the white models. The fashion colorful dress seems to have caught attention with enough force. Some bold famous still use pink or blue, but the traditional white is walking on the agenda even. If you will take the white wedding dress altar, know what is in fashion and the main focus.


Glamour and style for the big day are always welcome, but other armed skirts as the princess wedding dress models are not fashionable. The lighter fabrics and looser in the body, showing the curves, as the mermaid tail shape are the most evident in the industry shows. You can have long skirt? You can also walk in the fashion and with that in known arrastadinha great syrup floor. But nothing too armed, especially if we are talking about plus size fashion. However, if your dream is in traditional ateliers you still find models of large armed skirts with tulle and well – marked waist, great for those with a thicker waist.

The transparency of the sleeves of income or combination with lace and tulle is the biggest bet for 2016. This is the year of income and fabrics crochet, little used in dresses for wedding but could be welcome if you have additions, such as crochet with precious stones and well – designed small screen. Stay with income sleeves, back and overlap at the bust, the biggest bets of fashionistas.

A model that long was not seen at the altar was the turtleneck. But it is not fully completed without sleeves to make the look less closed and more elegant. The turtleneck dress blends nicely with the bust on display in transparency in lap and is great for those who do not have broad shoulders. You can combine both with straight neckline and the sweetheart neckline and V neckline, composite, allowing applications with bra use with high and valuing the top of the bust. You can come with income too.