Brown: Design classics in watches

The Braun brand name stands for small electrical appliances with high design and technical standards. Since the mid-1950s, the devices of razors on slide projectors and food processors enjoyed up to television sets with their groundbreaking design language international highest reputation. The clear, puristic line, leaving out any useless Zierrats and a restrained use of colour are equated with German design today all over the world. And worked in the revolutionary design often innovative and State of the art technology. The icing on the cake for the success was that the products were wearing the seal “Made in Germany” is a synonym for highest product quality internationally to this day for many consumers.

Brown ladies watch from the classic collection (135 euros)

, Responsible for the product design had between 1961 and 1995 Dieter Rams. Number of products that have written the history of design and are found in many museums connect with his name. Also the alarm “Voice control”, which came on the market in the 1980s is one of creations, because Brown was present with its products in the watch sector. An exciting technical gimmick came to the functional design this alarm: because the alarm signal was shut down on demand.

Some years the combination of timing and Brown lay fallow. But for about two years there in the shops once more to see – both alarm and wall clocks as also wristwatches watches with the Brown logo. Manufactured it under license of Zeon, the largest British watch manufacturer that produces Brown also Ingersoll, Gant, replay, Ed Hardy or Obaku watches.

The Brown watches of the year 2012 have kept until today all genes: A clear dial ensures good readability for the analog clocks. Colors used restrained and alone to improve the representation of the time. And inside, there always is a modern quartz drive. Alarm clock are available from approximately 25 euros. The legendary “voice control” costs less than 30 euro.

The watch collection is divided into four lines: Classic, digital, a sports and prestige. Prices start at just over 100 euros, digital models cost just under 200 euros. The top model from the prestige line is available from 499 euro.

Brown prestige collection (black with rubber strap and steel with steel band; 575 euros each)

The latter way, based on a model of the watch brand of Ventura, who also belongs to the Zeon conglomerate. Technology and design come from the team to Ventura mastermind Pierre Nobs and fit seamlessly into the Brown concept. For example, the easy-scroll setting has developed for the watch Bob’s. To be with her as with a conventional timepiece all functions of the watch set over a Crown – depending one must turn times and times press. What you each have to do is explained by yourself