Bracelets Count Calories

Today I want to tell you about my latest discovery, referred to as far as fitness fashion world , and to which I confess, I’m totally hooked, bracelets has calories.

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As you know, and you have read in previous articles (“shoes out of the gym” or “is the sport of fashion”), it is essential the motivation to be constant in the practice of exercise, therefore, today I want to show all that can help us in this, the more than fashion, bracelets has calories.

What bracelets count calories?

They are responsible for monitoring your activity in such a way that they pick up your steps, speed, pulse, movements and also the calories you eat!. The latter serves a lot of push, since you’re seeing in every moment of the day are you going, and thus allows you to control yourself better. Or, as in my case, know if today you can take a little bit more for dinner, or if on the contrary, to arrive home you have to jogging awhile. Also there are that you they can mark your target and you will be helping you turn it throughout the day, and which also include the option to enter the food you eat through your smartphone to get a study fully detailing your consumption/expenditure diario.Como you can see, different bracelets there are count calories depending on the activity and needs of each. And as you imaginareis, there are not few brands that have been launched with this kind of new technology for sport. Therefore, here I leave a comparison of some of them waiting for you to help you choose the best option to get yours, I hope you serve and enjoy!

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Jawbone Up bracelet

Available in three sizes and in different colors. You will not notice you are wearing it put. It has no fixed closing, but it adapts to the shape of each doll. Allowing that it does not rotate or dance in the same. Resistant to water and sweat.

Jawbone Up bracelet, measured steps we take during the day. And based on that data, determines the distance traveled, calories burned, periods of activity and inactivity, and even the calories consumed at rest.

But, not only during the daytime period records our activity, but overnight, is also responsible for collecting in the respect of the same, while we have taken at rest, which have remained awake, the number of times that have awakened us, phase of light sleep, deep… All of this by activating the night mode through the long press, for a few seconds, switch one of the ends of the bracelet.

To follow the evolution of our activity, it is necessary to refer to it through the phone. Since it is not available for computers or tablets . Here you can find it at a great price: Bracelet Jawbone UP24
Misfit Shine bracelet

This bracelet is extremely light, manufactured in aeronautic crepe, consists of a black, rubber, adjustable, belt for dolls up to over 20 cm in diameter. With close game. Resistant to water and sweat.

Furthermore, not only can carry in the form of a bracelet but will include other devices to use it, such as a magnet for being able to set it on clothes. Shine is a small disc with a halo of lights that are encenciendo according to your activity. Running, walking, sleeping, swimming, cycling…

For the registration and tracking of the same, is required synchronization with the App free “Shine”, only for iPhone, iPad, or iPod. So one of your cons is that is not available for users who are not Apple. If you still don’t have it here, you can find it at good price :Bracelet Shine Misfit
Fitbit Flex bracelet

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Silicone bracelet, carrying inside a sensor that is responsible for collecting all our activity. This allows us to make us with it in different colors since if we want to look different just remove the sensor and place it in a different color bracelet. It is very light and comfortable.

Bracelet displays only information through the LEDs. Each point LED illuminated, shows us that we have reached 20% of our goal. Active also during our sleep, determining the time we wake up or total while we are sleeping. It has Blue tooth which allows a perfect synchronisation with Smart phone and pc. You can find it in many colors, I recommend that you take a look at this link so you can choose the color that you like: Fit bit Flex bracelet
Bracelet Nike + Fuel Band

It is only available in black color. Converts every movement you make to an extent that is reflected as a ‘fuel’ in the bracelet. It has four different sizes: time, distance, calories and Nike fuel. Much more active seas, more “Nike fuel” you get, what you will unlock awards and trophies in the Nike website.
You can define your goals that will be reflected through its 20 LED lights changed from red to green as you go carrying them.

For the recording of your activity, you can synchronize with the website of Nike through USB port or the free app for iPhone. At Amazon you can find it in white color, but there are many colors inside the product: Bracelet Nike + FuelBand
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