Bracelet Mounts-Disassembles:Amazing Design

I wanted to show you this amazing bracelet, called paths, which integrates the Roberto Burle Marx collection by h. Stern. Looking at the picture, you don’t say that she disassembles piece. But that’s what happens. The wider version is composed of three parts; the narrower version, two. And the proposal is playing ride dismounts, something playful and fun according to

Where did the idea? AHA! Started with the own Burle Marx. He was a funny man, full of energy, living doing lunches and parties at your place. There are reports of friends about meetings that lasted the whole weekend! He created recipes and drinks, besides painting the tablecloths and assemble the decoration arrangements. Not infrequently, sang opera in German to entertain guests. Can you imagine? Fun, therefore, was one of the inputs that caught the attention of designers.

To make your designs of sidewalks, Burle Marx also created a interlaced tracks, made with Portuguese stones of different colors, as if a path to another. He fit in the some in the other, creating geometric shapes. You can see it on the Boardwalk. Not the part made famous, in the form of waves, because that was already there and is playing the sidewalks of Cascais, in Portugal, but in the central construction drawings and the sidewalk along the buildings — those creations of master landscaper.

In fact, I’m going to do a parentheses to tell the sidewalk of Copacabana. They were already there before Burle Marx was called to do the landscaping of the river. But they were in a different way, arranged in transverse direction. That Burle Marx reversed on the waves and put them towards the sea, as a prolongation of the real waves. Funny thing is that, until then, a lot of people not associated with the drawing waves. Only after the reversal is that they have gained breadth, visibility and fame! Oh, come on, Burle Marx was a genius, huh?

But back to behind the creation of the bracelet. When drew jewels, Burle Marx also worked with the concept of versatility and ride dismounts. There are ZIP belt projects that separate and become two brooches; they saw pendants necklaces and brooch with two or three medallions of different stones to be exchanged according to the occasion.

Well, then you join the fun, with the drawings of sidewalks and the ride dismounts the jewels and has, as a result, the bracelet Paths. Cool, huh? Of course to get the idea of the paper was an adventure of months until you reach a jewel light, comfortable and beautiful. Now, take a look at how it works: