Bra for Sports

No need to creams, lotions of all kinds and even painful with cold water to the firming qualities to take care of his chest! Sun launches DIAM’S Action FERMETE, the first bra that hardens the skin effortlessly. Your breasts are toned, and especially regalbés firmer. But if your chest is already glad the results be waiting for you? Test and tell us.

Summer is approaching: the warm sand, the sea, coconuts, pareos and swimsuits call you but the test of bare neckline and tight T-shirts make you panic. You have beautiful pass a jet of cold water every morning on your chest, it decided not to assert to the despair of your bikini. Your breasts could fall still lower if Sun had not launched a magic bra!

  • A bra firming trend in 2013 underwear ?

To your relief, DIM lingerie brand invented the first bra firming: no need to do sports or to do without the cream, revolutionary bra DIAM’S Action FERMETE sublime breasts without you bougiez a finger.

In just 28 days and taken at least 12 consecutive hours, your breasts find the freshness and firmness they had when you were a teenager. Your skin is more beautiful, more toned, softer! It is a dream, right?

  • How it works?

To do this, Sun uses technology “active Textil”, an innovative material that promotes micro-circulation using natural micro-massages. The most is that this miracle fabric with unlimited washes indefinitely retains its properties!

If the promises of this new bra is more than gratifying, form on it is another pledge of beauty.Elegant and refined, the bra DIAM’S envelope perfectly your chest to assure fit and perfect curve.

Will you be seduced by this new bra firming or are you still skeptical? For all Cosmo Girls who have the audacity to try, do not forget to give us your opinion!