BMW makes in watches

, There are not many manufacturers of series cars, which afford their own collection of high-quality watches. Now, BMW has signed a partnership agreement with the Swiss watch manufacturer of ball watch. According to the two companies should a “New generation of watches with strong character emerge that are created for eternity, and at the same time offer the pleasure of high comfort.” This high demand is underlined this should be awarded the COSC-certified for all models in the collection. As a tribute to the world of the automobile and the friends at beautiful mechanisms, the new timer be equipped with the Amortiser device patented by ball watch. The shock protection inspired by the automobile consists of a non-magnetic protection ring surrounding the movement to catch surges. The collection will come in this summer in selected retailers. Prices so far still does not exist.

Which is one of the world’s most famous watch manufacturers ball watch company. She is known for the development of the official watch of the American Railroad. In the last few years you could not buy however the clocks in Germany. In addition to BMW probably Bentley (with Breitling) and Ferrari are the most famous carmakers, which can be produced their own high-quality watch collection (most recently with Hublot,) previously with Panerai. A few years ago, Mercedes had a licensing agreement with mill. This is but is now resolved. Audi also already had his own mechanical watch collection, developed in collaboration with sense.