Blue or Pink Blouse

Colored Business Shirts: Is That Possible?

Business is not the same business. In very conservative industries and in the banking sector are dark or patterned shirts as gaffe; also fashion colors like orange, brown, forest green or burgundy should be avoided there. Nevertheless, there is office environments where it might safely go more colorful. These include, for example, advertising and design agencies or IT consultants. No matter what industry you should at important meetings and conferences, however, always play it safe and opt for a single color white shirt or alight blue shirt choose – these colors are business classics .

Blue or Pink Blouse

If you like color like and work in the right office environment: How about a color combination in petroleum and purple? Both colors are regarded as trend colors coming back. While petroleum is a dark blue-green clay, purple is assigned to the blue-red color spectrum. Since red is the complementary color of petroleum, the color purple reinforced with its many red component as the luminance of petroleum. Best Petrol and purple suit other saturated colors such as sand, ocher or gray. Both shades work together very classy and fit perfectly into the workforce. A men’s shirt in Petrol with pink minimum print is an office suitable variant. If you like this color combination to be daring, you can also opt for a shirt with tone-on-tone pattern to decide in a little less conspicuous color or a shirt with minimum print. On Casual Friday , also called Dress-Down Friday, the dress code in many offices is now handled a little looser. This also applies in many industries where suits and ties usually are a must. At least now you can in the office in compliance with the dress code Casual score with a colored shirt.

Which tie You Wear on a Colored Shirt?

Ties attract attention and therefore put color accents and should definitely on the total outfit are matched. So Again the dress code casual . In most cases it will fit, when the tie is darker than the shirt. Particularly sophisticated a tie in the same color as the shirt, but just dark. In a white shirt or other light, neutral color shirt is the choice of a suitable, darker tie not difficult. In other hand, it looks at dark, firm shirt colors. Possible options are here, to opt for a lighter tie or a tie in the complementary color of the shirt. Attention is then you definitely safe because complementary colors are mutually reinforcing. A bright green shirt , for example, is with a red tie for absolute eye-catcher. More about the dress code casual for the combination of colored shirts and ties get under Which tie suits shirt and suit?

Can You Put a Colored Shirt to an Interview?

While even the most daring color combinations are permitted in the leisure sector, it is in certain situations and at formal occasions with a yellow trousers, a turquoise shirt  or pink shoes not well advised. So a job interview is one of the situations where you should definitely avoid daring color combinations and bright colors. Of course, there is no single solution for all application situations, these depend but on various factors. An important role is definitely the profession, the position and the industry. In interviews for traditional industries such as banking and law firms should be dressed classical definitely as while applying for creative jobs. This also applies to the shirt color . Regardless of the dress code of certain industries you are using a white or light colored shirt always good advice.A blue shirt fits frequently. The black shirt that red shirt or shirts in another strong color should stay at the interview in the home wardrobe.

Is a Colorful Shirt For Bewerbungsfoto Suitable?

No matter how fashion-conscious man is, the passport photo, you should play it safe and opt for a white shirt decide. Men who act to pale white in color choose best a neutral light blue shirt. Alternatively, you can check before the photo shoot on the industry or corporate dress code and the choice of your shirt vote on it.

Can we put as a Wedding Guest, a Colored Shirt?

As a wedding guest should opt for a single color, long-sleeved shirt. This must be a not necessarily white shirt be. In order not to outdo the groom as a male protagonist of the day visually, man should be a colored shirt choose a muted color, for example, a pastel shade. Striking colors such as pink and orange are taboo.

How About With a Colored Shirt With a Tuxedo?

When Smoking: less is more. As noble garment on special festive occasions he unfolds its elegant look best with a white shirt or a shirt in ecru. Trendy, yet neutral and elegant looksa white shirt with satin stripe .