Blackberry Q5 Is with Qwerty Keyboard for 350 Euros Available

With the keyboard Smart phone, BlackBerry rounds off the hotel’s own portfolio and especially beginners offers a cheap and also powerful device. The lower price when compared to the current Smart phone reference is associated above all with the lower quality technology which is used for this Smart phone. At least 350 euro should currently plan prospective customers to purchase BlackBerry Q5 without a contract.

The Q5 is the little brother of the BlackBerry Q10 and offers the classic characteristic of the equipment of the Canadian company with a physical keyboard. In addition, BlackBerry installed a 3.1-inch IPS Panel, which displays content in 720 x 720 pixels. BlackBerry customers currently save 150 euros compared to the Q10. They received only the 1.2 GHz dual core processor rather than the stronger 1.5 GHz chip of the BlackBerry Q10 and 8 instead of 16 GB of Flash memory. The shortcoming of memory is but easy to fix with a microSD card. Maximum 32 GB, this is on this path to increase. 2 GB RAM memory are available as well, which is also measured by the current competition called not outstanding.

The integrated camera technology at the BlackBerry Q5

The front camera of the Q5 resolves 2 megapixel and is therefore quite suitable for video telephony. The camera on the back offers, however, 5 mega pixels as well as a LED Flash and auto focus. Videos in 1080 p can be recorded as well. If the installed front-facing camera, realize maximum movie records 720 p.

Of course, the BlackBerry Q5 also supports all current radio technologies such as UMTS and LTE and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. A GPS module is also installed, so that the users are able to be able to determine their own position. Various Internet retailer list the BlackBerry Q5 price of 350 euros in the range. It is expected that this can still fall in the future but.

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