BlackBerry Passport: See the First Hands-on Video

See the world’s first hands-on with the not yet launched BlackBerry Passport.

The upcoming BlackBerry Passport is an interesting phone with a distinctive design that should make it easier to read e-mail messages and documents on the screen, and so there is also a full physical keyboard as many are thrilled.

BlackBerry Passport See the First Hands-on Video

The video is created by English Carphone Warehouse and displays the first hands-on presentation of the new BlackBerry phone. It is not yet officially launched, and it took a long time before nor the original video was marked as private, but some Russian YouTube users were quick on the keys and got a new video up as you can see below.

The video highlights the pressure-sensitive keyboard which can also be used to navigate around on websites as well as the big screen which is perfect for people who need to read and edit documents and spreadsheets on your phone.

It is expected that BlackBerry Passport is launched officially in the month of september.