Blackberry Cybersecurity Services

The hardware business of Canadians remains mau. Meanwhile, BlackBerry CEO John Chen prompts the conversion into a provider of software and services. Now, the Canadians start an own cybersecurity consultancy.

Some BlackBerry fans had expected before the MWC, the Canadians to present their second Android phone. Expects the “Vienna”, a device with

fixed keyboard and a lower price than the PRIV. This hope should not meet. After all, BlackBerry wants to announce in the first quarter when they can provide Android 6.0.

The hardware business of less in focus as the conversion into a provider of software and services is up to date. Already a month ago, BlackBerry had announced that they have successfully integrated the software good. The so-called good secure EMM suites included in BES12 as a management server, the secure document management WatchDox as well as the good Dynamics platform and more good components, such as good work, good share, good connect and good access. Depending on the extent of the suites move prices between 3 and 25 US dollars per month per user. It is worth noting here that the BlackBerry replaced by a per-user per-device licensing.

‘Our privacy commitment does not extend to criminals’

BES12 can be used on their own servers or as SaaS-cloud. To the MWC, BlackBerry now announces that BES12 in the azure marketplace is available. Microsoft customers can thus integrate the server into their existing azure cloud.

Also coinciding with the MWC, BlackBerry announces the takeover of British Cybersecurity advice encription Ltd which is intended as a nucleus of BlackBerry’s own consulting division. BlackBerry sees itself as a strong partner of Governments, agencies and regulated industries like the financial sector. BlackBerry CEO John Chen had already struck a completely different tone than Apple CEO Tim Cook in December 2015: “Our privacy commitment does not extend to criminals.” (vowe)

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