BlackBerry-CSO Dress Maker: “Businesses Will Lose The Battle For Security”

On the BlackBerry Security Summit in New York David dress maker called for a rethinking of the patch management to secure software. The industry must move from a reactive mode to a proactive.

On the second BlackBerry Security Summit positioned itself BlackBerry again as a provider of secure software, infrastructure and devices. CEO John Chen is new on the company. In the first step, the new management have once stopped the bleeding and put BlackBerry back on financially healthy feet. Now, it is important to develop new products from this

position and to enter new markets. BlackBerry is focused on the B2B segment (business-to-business), and in particular to the so-called regulated areas such as health care, the financial and insurance sector, as well as the public sector.

Nothing new to smartphones

The BlackBerry smartphones are loading as well as a pound, with which the company can proliferate. On the one hand the market importance of the equipment decreases steadily, on the other hand they are identification of the experience acquired in the development and safe equipment and infrastructure by BlackBerry. On the future of these smartphones there was no news, neither wanted BlackBerry comment on any Android device, even the weak sales figures comment on.

The company must make money, and that applies also to the Smartphones, so repeated company representatives the alignment that has repeatedly shown CEO John Chen. One is, do his own thoughts what you mean. The security portfolio has expanded BlackBerry through several acquisitions. The acquisition of the German company Secusmart was announced exactly one year ago. In the meantime, the Canadians had purchased a British company, which offers a virtual SIM, with the mobile service provider can offer several phone numbers and separate billing for data and voice on a physical SIM card. Companies can better distinguish not only the private use of smartphones but different configure data connections and thus better separate. WatchDox BlackBerry took over a provider of a platform for the secure sharing of documents.

Threats to data

Tim Choi, Vice President of product management, again represented, how much data is now unstructured stored in files, and these files have an own entropy. Files want out, said Choi. If you lock out employees and deny them the controlled sharing of documents, then they are one use your own solution in the form of private Cloudspeichern. Just in the health sector, it is however often necessary to share very valuable data such as diagnosis or X-ray images between physicians, without having control over this data go lost.

A day before the Security Summit BlackBerry had reported the planned acquisition of AtHoc, which still depends on the approval of the supervisory authorities. AtHoc provides secure crisis communications, which is widespread, particularly in the U.S. market. Internationally, AtHoc has rarely occurred. BlackBerry plans to marry AtHoc with BBM, and infrastructure to use this platform in the future. As a supplier of secure solutions, the new Security Chief (CSO) by BlackBerry David sees the greatest potential dress makers in the so-called Internet of things, so the increasing networking of everyday objects.

Rethinking security

Dress maker is an expert for the security of embedded systems. He has authored one of the standard works on this topic. Dress maker is switched from Green Hills Software to BlackBerry. There, he was responsible for the development of the RTOS integrity and thus reaching the NSA certification “EAL6 + high robustness common criteria SKPP”, the highest ever Zertifizierunglevel reached by an operating system. Dress makers committed to the adoption of verifiable security standards.

So far, each manufacturer can make unverified statements about the effectiveness of software security and the buyer must trust the manufacturer. He compares the situation to the advent of snake oil as a panacea for all diseases. It was no longer possible, because health care is regulated and we should not simply say in classical medicine, that a particular medicine actually heals without to demonstrate this.

Dress maker suggests to reduce the complexity of security-relevant components and also to demonstrate the safety of these building blocks. “The company losing the battle for the security of their data and they need simply better solutions. We must in the reactive mode, software to patch