Bike Crankset

The crankset is one of the components of bicycle most important of the bike, together with the bottom bracket and pedals allow our force applied to the leg movement is transmitted to the chain and therefore the pinion or rear cassette in order to move the wheel, so that whole set of bicycle components is known as Transmission and is crucial to pay attention to the quality of these parts.

You have to take into account the use you’re going to give the connecting rods and the diameter of the plate, defined by the number of teeth, the number of plates and connecting rod length determines the intensity of the pedal stroke, also make sure compatibility with bottom bracket box or as it may be square, cotter or other systems.

Cotter connecting rods

Connecting rods for axles Cotter are common in old bicycles (see Sportingology) as the BH old Bolero, or classic touring bikes lifetime, the axis round bottom bracket pin fastened by means of bolts or “keys” that are set in the Biela, is a fairly rudimentary but sufficiently robust, the main drawback is the weight of crankset and bottom bracket steel.

Square drive shafts

Many other bikes today have axes bottom bracket square, which the Biela is attached to the bottom bracket with screw, this type of Cranks has an extraction system through an exhaust Cranks, in Cranks for Bottom Brackets of Squares you can find variety, from options Steel or Steel Plates with Aluminum stick or whole Aluminum.

Steel rods

In you can buy your steel connecting rods Deals ensuring our guaranteed minimum price, in our shop you can find many Cranks to Restore Bicycle Classic and all components necessary for your restoration projects Bicycles, if you have questions about mounting the rods can check our tutorial section which you can see how changing the cranks.