Best Summer Outfit Ideas

July. Phew… actually should radiate the sun and leave us at 35 degrees trickle of sweat from his forehead. Instead, “dribbling” (an understatement) it every now and then à la April weather from above, it is cloudy, dingy and a bit MUCH too fresh for the season. What should mean that we could still not lead a walk shorts and sundresses. But when summer fashion lovers can we the so do not accept and have us picked our favorite summer dress by Review and made it weatherproof

Best Summer Outfit Ideas

The white mini lace dress with sweet details is a real eye-catcher. We immediately fell in love and want it you definitely deprived not:

A summer dress for any weather

The DRESS OF REVIEW is therefore suitable of white lace and extremely airy perfect for the oh-so-awaited summer. By sweet details the dress a girlish charm to and geschnürrte Dekollté brings the feminine touch with a twist expressed.

You can make the dress city safe by her like Beyza simply including pulling a white top or just leave and run it as a sexy party dress evening. The remains of course you girls leave themselves …

What to do in Case of Rain And Wind?

Given the fact that the summer is playing hide this year and we still have not really found him (except for a few days between Mutmacher-through), we were again creative. So the summer outfit is made with a summer parka simply times weatherproof.

With the JACKET ON A SHORT TERM, we are not only protected from the cold wind, but also against the rain, the starting and times like soured us on the day. As Parka and in khaki colors she’s hot and totally fits perfectly with the Mini-Dress. Should it even be really fresh, simple buttoned jacket and feel toasty warm – even without 30 degrees. An eye-catcher is the embroidered boho details on the sleeves, which make the whole outfit a little wilder and more 70s look.

In winter caps are well known, wise and cuddly. But help if we let it be not to come! We grab prefer to liken lady straw hat on a short term (in trendhouse available) which, although almost all weathers is blowing from the head, while leaving advent THE Sommerfeeling we already miss you so much …

Since it might be rather fresh to the feet in the rain and wind with sandals, Beyza is simple in the SUPERGA SNEAKER hatched. But do not worry, no thick heavy sneakers, where you sweat, but a sweet pink touch of nothing that feels super light. Ladies, especially important for a stroll!

O bring a bit of color even in the whole outfit, we opted for the mega sweet KARL LAGERFELD BAG decided. In Royal they spices things up outfit on again and the sweet ice lolly applications round out the summer look perfectly. Um… where is the nearest ice cream lick the delicious ice cream?

So girls, the shoulders do not let hang, just spices up your summer dress with the right accessories and makes it weatherproof with a chic parka .

And because we are now in the mood for summer, here’s Beyza’s look at a glance and Nachshoppen: