Best Selling Smart Watch

Today we wanted to make this watch guide sellers smartwatch. We have analyzed the sales figures for this month and the price changes of the wearable market in Italy to create the list of the best selling smartwatches.

1: Xiaomi Mi Band

OK, it’s not a smartwatch is a fitness tracker, but changes little in this case, because this little band has recorded more than 7 million sales, impressive numbers for a manufacturer is still little known in Italy as la Xiaomi.

We know why the Xiaomi I Band is the best selling wearable design – currently is simple and practical, it has all the characteristics of a good activity tracker, the battery is lasting but above all the price is the lowest ever, and the quality is not affected. For only 25 Euro, we can bring home an armband for daily use can record: steps, calories, distance, and sleep. But that’s not all, your band Mi Band has a vibration sensor that is activated in case of receiving a call or when a sporting objective, warning us.

2: Samsung Gear Fit

And also the second best selling wearable category in Italy is an activity tracker, or rather in this case a smartband – the Samsung Gear Fit.

The Samsung Gear Fit has combined the best features of a bracelet for fitness, with the enhancements of a smartwatch, creating a wearable particular hybrid. The Samsung Gear Fit is essentially a band for fitness activity monitoring with a beautiful curved screen, and with a heart rate monitor, pedometer and many other characteristics of a smartwatch. It is an ambitious product and very rich. This has not escaped so many Italians, who decided to bring the Samsung wearable Tech Gear Fit on the podium of sellers.

3: Sony Smartwatch 3

Could not surely miss, in bestsellers of wearables for this month, the smartwatch par excellence – we are talking about the Sony 3. You don’t need to spend a lot of words to describe a model really well built, if you have five minutes we strongly recommend you to fully appreciate all its features. Sure, it’s definitely not of new release but the low price makes it even more worthwhile. It will remain in this list for a long time yet, we’re sure.

4: Memteq DZ09 Smartwatch

The smartwatch Memteq DZ09 is considered a smartwatch cheap – but this does not imply that lacks features and quality. This is the case of the Memteq, that among the smart watch cheap smartwatch is the top seller for this month. Its value is in many features, starting from the camera to the full functionality of notifications with bluetooth, until the ability to surf the internet and make calls. Of course the difference with a smartwatch premium such as LG Urban Watch, there is and feels but the feelings are more positive than negative.

5: Motorola Moto 360

A few days after the official appearance of his elder brother, the second generation 360 Motion, the first Moto 360 continues to be a great choice of Italian customers. The fifth is a complete watch, both externally with a sleek but sporty, and internally with Android Wear as the operating system. With Google Fit track distance and heart rate instead Heart Activity 30 minutes fixed for you a target of moderate activity per day and tracks your progress and Google Keep allows you to take notes by using your voice. Nice isn’t it?

6: Alcatel One Touch

One of the best value for smartwatch watches money and that is why it is from months in the smartwatch bestsellers in Italy. Has many qualities, including the ability to charge it with a USB micro: then we can charge it in the car or home pc in a truly easy. It is easily adjustable and, when closed, it is impossible that accidentally releases. Has the NFC for coupling, quick, the display is a screen from 1.22 inch display with a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels and is really very responsive – there is also a complete system of notifications. We at Smartwatch Pro glad find it in this list.