Best Oscar Dresses of Recent Years: Party Dress

See The Best Oscar Dresses Of Recent Years And Inspired By These Looks.

This Sunday, March 02 day 2014, will happen to 86° Oscar ceremony in Hollywood. A lot of famous people and involved with the American and world cinema will pass the red carpet in this long-awaited night. The Oscar gowns worn by actresses call too much attention of the world, overnight talk only of the beautiful dress or weird or huge and such and such.

This year Jennifer Lawrence still stands as one of the darlings. Does it use another bold dress like last year? (See Oscar dresses 2013). But other actresses draw attention, as Lupita Nyong’o (see actress dress at the Golden Globes) and Amy Adams, partner of Jennifer Lawrence in the movie Cheat.

Many actresses the red carpet of the Academy Awards, Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis and Nicole Kidman. Check out the looks of these actresses who made history at the Oscars and be inspired in time to buy a party dress for weddings and graduations. For more information about the dresses, click simplyyellowpages.

Best Oscar Dresses Options Angelina Jolie
#1 Oscar Dresses

This party dress inspired by the Oscar gown worn by Angelina Jolie has in bold your big strong point. So, if you wear a dress like that watch time to sit down and know that your Shin and thigh will show up a lot. Another nice thing about this party dress is that the bust is well structured and the handle gives more support yet, leaving the woman with large breasts more comfortable.

#2 Oscar Dresses

This party dress inspired by the Oscar dress is a little more different and with more details, being ideal for a prom. See the generous slit remains the focus, but other elements contribute to the look, like the beautiful cleavage, the sequins and the waist. In addition, skirt fluttering leaves the glamorous party dress. However, do not wear Sandals too “heavy” like the photo above, prefer thin delicate heel sandals and stylish.

Best Oscar Dresses Options Mila Kunis
#1 Oscar Dresses

The purple is a color that matches perfectly with both nightly weddings as diurnal, and graduations. The party dress inspired by the Oscar dress Mila Kunis has this beautiful color, modeling your Mermaid is not exaggerated due to this color and ruched tulle details, which give more lightness to the look. However, for being a dress with mermaid modeling, mark quite a belly and hip.

#2 Oscar Dresses

This party dress inspired by the Oscar dress is more likely to be used by all kinds of women than the previous dress, due to your modeling large. Note that the sparkles in the beautiful neckline perfectly combine with sparkles at the waist well marked. Incredibly delicate, perfect for a maid of honor discreetly.

Best Options Of Oscar Dresses Nicole Kidman
#1 Oscar Dresses

This party dress inspired by the Oscar dress worn by Nicole Kidman focuses on the beautiful color and turtlenecks. Currently, dresses with turtlenecks are not very used, but there are cool options of these dresses, like the one shown above. Just beware if you have very large breasts, because closed like this dresses tend to further enhance the bust.

#2 Oscar Dresses

This party dress inspired by the Oscar dress Nicole Kidman is a rereading of the Turtleneck dresses. See that the color is very much alive and gorgeous, which combines with women of all colors. In addition, the master trick is the sparkles on the collar and waist.Beautiful, elegant and with a lot of personality!

I hope you enjoyed the best Oscar dresses, soon there will be many post on Oscar dresses 2014!