Berisso Fishing

Hello friends Fishing Argentina, approached them pique the result of this last week in Berisso.

Berisso Fishing

Berisso Fishing

Undoubtedly the area but this rendering is the entire coastal strip that runs from the Stone espigon Paulino Island to the beach La Bagliardi, between 500 and 4000 meters from the coast.


This fishing area is providing us according to each day and depending on the tides, pejerreyes of 25 to 45 cm with the classic surprises of Rio de La Plata and with the advantage of a short navigation which translates into more time fishing.



Water temperature continues to drop, and encuenta at 11 degrees, very clean and with the presence of some sprouts which do not affect fishing for nothing at Andyeducation.



In the 4 outputs made this week there were no 2 equal !! In some peak growing, another in downspout, another we plancho the river and another was difficult and we ate them alive all day.



The silverside is very active, and with all the power at full !! and it shows when approached the boat with its classic side and nods runs that makes us be careful not to engage any partner rigging.



The most rendidora live bait crappie remains large and is followed by filet of toothy still found in large quantities in this field.



The images describe the fishing itself so I have nothing more to add and simply invite them to get warmed wrist mientra await the arrival of frost and “The Great Berisso”.



Thanks to all the friends who visited us this week and trusted us this precious moment !!