Before and After: Katia’s Room

Reader Katia wrote to me because I wanted a more cheerful room to greet my friends on the weekends.

O Before

The front door of the house is on the left. Next, the kitchen door and then the hallways to the intimate area. The room did not convey warmth, there was hardly any color and the arrangement of the furniture allowed anyone at the door to see the whole environment.

Katia wanted to keep as much of the furniture and the position of the sofa as possible.

The During

Those who follow the blog should have already seen this drawing. Because it’s the project I did for Katia! His most important points are:

1) The furniture placed between the sofa and the entrance door as well as “close” a cozy area for the meeting with friends, makes this area more “protected” from unwanted looks and creates an entrance hall.

2) The coloring appeared on the pictures and objects of decoration (which can be changed from time to time, which revitalizes the room without major expenses). The idea was to spread the shades of the chairs at some points throughout the room and add other warm colors while keeping the base neutral.

The Later

Look how nice that Katia’s room is, people? And see how she saved, keeping the furniture and mirror just moving it and the comics arranged differently on the wall at the beginning of the hallway (see photo above).

3) The table is now leaning against the side wall-increasing the circulation area-and the wallpaper or wall sticker, in part of it, helps to sectorize the dining area.

4) An off white on the walls slows the solar reflection from the huge window that takes the entire wall that is not visible in the drawing- which helps make the room more cozy.

5) The mirror next to the entrance door reflects the light from the window to the mini-hall area.

6) Another choice that proved correct was the shape of the rug that covers the living area well without disturbing the movement of the chairs on the table.

7) See how the hollow niches and the fact that the furniture does not reach the ceiling let the light pass while maintaining a little privacy.

8) In addition, the lower open niche serves as support for those who are sitting on the couch.In the project it was planned to open the lower part to guard what was needed.

9) The thin shelves do not disturb who is sitting on the sofa and allows the exchange of pictures without spoiling the wall.

In interior design, in addition to the pursuit of beauty, the detailed study of the environment, seeking to use it in the best possible way in terms of functionality, comfort in every way, sectorization, color distribution, lighting and circulation, using the techniques learned it is fundamental.

Thank you to Katia for the kindness to send the photos and to allow their publication, for the indication of my decoration work for so many other friends after this work and for the partnership in the elaboration of the project. Because good design is one that is done in partnership with the customer.