Beauty Tips Hair Removal

Beauty Tips Hair RemovalAt temperatures above 30 degrees You attack probably too short plus size trousers, dresses in large sizes or skirts. No wonder, everything else would be far too hot! All Plus Size Ladies who prefer a smooth skin for your summer outfit, I am presenting various methods of hair removal.

The Gentle Hair Removal


The wet shaving is the classic hair removal methods because it is carried out easily and quickly. The problem with this method is the irritated skin after shaving. That’s why I advise you to take a shower before shaving warm, so do not close the pores. Shaving should be done with a good blade, at there is also a gel pad. Since accumulate many bacteria in the blade, you should replace them every 3 weeks for a new one. To shave you take the best shaving cream or gel, which prepares the skin gently. Finally you wear to the shaved spots on body powder or a balm that relaxes the skin.

Depilatory Creme

The depilatory cream is applied also to the shower. After a short exposure, the hair can be removed. Most skin does not react so sensitively to the creams, but should be a precaution creamed anyway.

The Long-Lasting Hair Removal


Granted, these methods are not for wimps! Pain These forms of hair removal, keep it for the next four weeks annoying hairs from growing from.
When Waxing molten resin is applied to the desired region. Once it has cooled, the wax is peeled off in one quick motion. The hairs are torn out, including root.


When you lead epilation epilator on your leg, armpit or groin area. The hairs are likewise torn out by the roots. After two treatments a skin care with calendula, aloe vera or chamomile is essential that cools and soothes skin shaved.

The Permanent Hair Removal: Laser and IPL

With beauty tips from Beautygenerate, laser has established itself as the standard method for permanent hair removal. In just three sessions the desired areas are permanently depilated with a certified dermatologist. This procedure is painless and holds at least from for several years hairs from the growth.

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light-is a hair removal method on the rise. Treatment by light with intense pulsation deserted the hair roots in the growth phase. A successful permanent hair removal therefore needs some applications. I advise you not to carry out these applications themselves, but like to be treated to the dermatologist.

And what is your favorite way to remove hair and get beautiful skin?