Beauty Tips for Pregnant Ladies

It’s not because you’re pregnant you need neglecting appearance, isn’t it? Every woman need to take care of the skin, body and hair to feel beautiful, healthy and most confident. Daily beauty care are critical, because they help to raise our self-esteem. However, many pregnant women don’t know how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can dye your hair during this period, among other questions about beauty.

Beauty Tips for Pregnant Ladies

These and other questions end up doing many pregnant women give up of care the appearance. However, it’s not good for your self-esteem leave aside these pleasures in a woman’s life. Thinking about it, I selected several beauty tips for pregnant women that will help you take care of your appearance during this phase so special in the life of a woman. Check out!

Hair Care for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can dye your hair? In fact during this phase the woman might get, but as long as I take some care. To avoid problems it is necessary to avoid the tinctures in the first trimester of pregnancy. And women blondes may continue do blonde, but as long as you don’t touch the scalp.

For the safety of the mother and the baby, you need to avoid chemical treatments to straighten your hair. That, because nowadays there are many products that smooth your hair, you don’t have your formula components truly known. In addition, the structure of the hair of the woman can be more fragile during pregnancy, which may bring undesirable outcomes or unfavourable. So, the best alternative is making constant moisturizing hair, brush and flat iron.

Skin Care for Pregnant Women

Just like any woman during pregnancy is also allowed to do facial on OxfordAstronomy. However, since at that stage, the skin tends to stain more easily, we need to be more careful. So, the ideal is to avoid using exfoliators that contain acids, because the skin absorbs. In addition, it is very important to apply sunscreen after cleaning the skin to avoid and other adverse effects of our sun is also need to beware of products that have substances that can harm the health of the baby as salicilico, antibiotics, lighteners, among others.

To avoid the appearance of stretch marks, it is necessary to maintain the right weight throughout pregnancy and not gain weight suddenly or excessively. In addition, if the doctor release, pregnant women can practice any kind of exercise suitable to maintain firm skin. In addition, you must moisturize the skin every day, with soaps, creams and oils.

In addition to taking care of the hair and the skin, the body also deserves special attention, so it takes a special diet and practicing some kind of physical exercise. To keep the body always beautiful, pregnant women should consume all the vitamins and minerals. So, to meet all the needs in this phase, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet rich in foods such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, cereals, lean meats, dairy and nuts. But everything just right. The practice of a light activity during pregnancy is also very important.