Bandage Dress: Trends and Fashion

The spring summer fashion is full of trends that appeals to many women. One of the pieces that will be very successful this year without doubt is the bandage dress.

This model of dress is ideal for women who enjoy a more sensual, as it emphasizes and valorizes the curves.

This model got its name because of its horizontal stripes that mark the whole length. Most of the time these tracks are made from spandex, lycra or rayon, which are fabrics that shape the body, leaving the most fair. This feature lets the dress special.

If you are thinking of creating a look with this trend, the following shows how to use various models of bandage dresses.

How to use the bandage dress

This beautiful dress model that is among the fashion trends deserves special attention. That’s because it is a piece that highlights the sensuality of the woman, so it deserves some attention. Choosing the ideal model is to take into account various factors such as the length, color, neckline, and mainly know suit the occasion.

Modeling the bandage dress leaves the body curves in evidence, which is why women who do not want to highlight any part of the body must avoid this type of dress. For those who have doubts, the best option is to always bet on black dress, since it is easier to combine.

The dress at shorter length, for example, is ideal for those who want a more sexy and bold. After all, in addition to short he is fair to the body, emphasizing the curves. This model is ideal for occasions like ballads (tips of looks to rock ballad) and informal parties. The short bandage dress does not match working environments and formal occasions.

The model near the knee length is easier to be combined. It is ideal for those who want to create a more sophisticated look, but with a touch of sensuality. However, short women should wear this piece with care not to flatten the silhouette (6 fashion tips to elongate the silhouette). In this case, the tip is to always bet on high-heeled shoe, preferably thin to elongate the silhouette.

The long bandage dress is always successful with women, because it offers the amazing and sexy look! This model is ideal for formal events like graduations and weddings, as it is elegant.

It is a piece that marks the curves, so try a more neutral makeup and a simple hairstyle.

Choose the model that more matches your style and enjoy this trend to be very successful in fashion.