Baldessarini goes Cape Town


At Baselworld 2011, I had to spend the opportunity some time in BALDESSARINI and once to let me know about the jewelry and the new watch line. The 1 line of designer Zimmermann & Brunner for BALDESSARINI was named to an international airport and boasts a fresh green in every watch. Even with the new clock „ Cape Town “, airport code CPT, reflected this color. The lush green of the rubber strap is a clear contrast to the black dial of the Subdials as green color spots stand out. Who wants to bet against all on black, selects the CPT 2011 or 2010. Here, the Green is confined to the supposedly stationary second hand, which turns out to take a closer look as a pointer with stop function.

The fashion label has to be inspired by Cape Town’s mixture of vibrant urban lifestyle and wild, unspoiled nature and this watch dedicated to the theatre of longing at the Cape of good hope. At the latest since the World Cup fever of last summer, South Africa brings our eyes shine. The heart of the diverse country beats in Cape Town, the vibrant capital of contrasts. Who SURFs during the day in the wild waves of the ocean, on the Mesa enjoys the sunset, then tip into the pulsating night life, needs a stylish companion.

Images: (c) manufacturer