Backpack 30 Sprint: the Forgotten Jewel

It is August 31, waning moon. It sounds the alarm when still has not left the Sun. Light breakfast and I head to the living room.Last night I left everything ready, so I grabbed my backpack and I’m going to the car, heading to the Pyrenees.

Although it takes breaking a while, Dawn me fifty kilometers from the capital of Navarre. The days are becoming shorter, I can assure. To the rhythm of the music chill out , caressing the inside of the vehicle, the port of Crowns welcomes me with its meandering curves, here and there. In a little less than two hours since I got up from bed cross the plains of Belabartze and echo the hand brake just in front of the source of the source of the clerics; makes a lovely day. I’m into Aragonese territory, in the Valley of Ansó, within the Natural Park of the Western valleys, and today premiered mountaineering equipment.

Some days ago I decided to buy the Simond Sprint 30 backpack. It was that kind of half-forgotten and misunderstood by many, but with an impressive potential product. My backpacks have always been more or less large, aged between 35 and 65 litres, and according to my plans I use one or the other. Not deception if I mention that perhaps why Eastern Europe go overloaded even in smaller excursions…

Camouflaged among an endless backpacks variety, the Sprint 30 is not a model which is also especially striking. It is larger than conventional models of 20 or 22 litres, but smaller than her sisters in 35 or 40 litres. In that limbo of volume is where you live, and perhaps for this reason, and because of my weakness by these treasures unnoticed, I looked in it. A quick review convinced me of its versatility, and its adjusted price eventually persuade me.

It is early when I anudo me the bootlaces and charge me the Sprint 30 back. Just start, road describes an ascent without resting along a grassy Hill, and are my first test steps. I’ve been a little more than five pounds, of which only 850 grams belong to the total of the backpack vacuum.

The path enters a beech forest for a long way, and I then returns to outfield, opposite a river that was barely a trickle of water.Some curious cows interrupt their monotonous grass and I are intrigued: «what you do in my house, human?», seem to want to tell me with those indifferent eyes.

Then left behind a small free shelter. Before me the Cirque de Gamueta, opens with its fascinating gap dividing the amazing grey rock walls. To the left of the broken top of the SW Ridge rises, and there is where I’m going. Of the Gabatxos Gorreta, as specified on the map, watch my steps from its 2,268 meters of altitude.

Road to hillside by a uncomfortable quarry to reach the Hill of Gamueta. From here, the 100 metres that separated me from the Summit will require of me a little bit more concentration. I leave the main road and choose to follow the sharp profile of the crest, much more fun and enjoyable, but also more technical and exposed, so what is good to have some preparation in steep terrain.

When finally echo stones hand to overcome the outgoing first get the authentic impressions of what the 30 Sprint can offer.This backpack has been conceived mainly for climbers and skiers crossing; It has a narrow, perfectly compatible with the harness belt, and other chest belt adjustable in height and width that will prevent the backpack swing with our movements and us unbalanced. I’m pleasantly surprised as well that the frame of the back-piece of foam conforms to my anatomy, and not only because in relation to the comfort of load, which had been testing it since I abandoned the car, but also to their ergonomics and ventilation.

Crest puts before me a gendarme with steps of III that it exceeded with caution. A conventional backpack would displace my Center of gravity toward the outside with much more force than the Sprint 30, so I appreciate its stability. On one occasion, surpassing the fissure of a small wall that I would graduate in IV-, I must support me on the side of my body to make bike and reach with a diagonal stroke a shelf that was beyond my reach. Accustomed as I am to wear wide backpacks, sigh relieved at the end that the manoeuvre starts: Sprint 30 -shaped tube and does not diminish freedom of movement.

In the braces story addition with two washers semi-rigid for gear, carabiners or tapes for sports or classical, or well to hang in there the camera, as in my case, or assert my thumbs while I move up by a steep slope. And in this way reach the funnel: is the forced step before the top, perhaps the most exposed stretch of all-day, as road on the boundary of two valleys in its cutting edge. So far I had voluntarily chosen line to be followed by the crest, by selecting the difficulty and exposure depending on my own resources and my experience, but although he would have preferred to stroll through the conventional path, at this point might not have prevented this Groove.

To my right, a uncomfortable fall between sharp limestone rocks, and to my left, a gap of 200 meters free of obstacles. The first time I climbed this mountain I did it with some friends, making sure strings if the flies. It is a step very easy, but very dangerous, so today, I’ll only, extreme precautions. If someone decides to stop by here, you should know is not more take a rope and having some knowledge of insurance, especially for the descent.

A bearded suddenly emerges from behind a wall, about ten metres from my position. The noise of their wings by cutting wind and its colossal size me startle. It is not the best place for these scares, I think. Still the view of the bird I wonder and insufflates me strength to reach the Summit of the Gorreta, where I rest for a long time, contemplating the landscape and reading a good book while I devour some nuts.

Certainly I’ve uploaded here light and strong, and very motivated. All we like brand new material, and if technical material, much better. Sprint 30 you could point their lightness, their tenacity and fortitude. On occasion I have because of drag my back against the rocks, fearing open a seven to the fabric, but the polyamide fabric has shown me a very high resistance to abrasion.

In relation to the rest of its features, we find a conveyor system to transport cruise skis crossed on the back during approaches, as well as porta-bastones and two useful ice axe loops whose clamping system and untying me enamora by its simplicity and security (no need removed the backpack to get the axe!).

In addition to the main pocket of 30 litres capacity, we will have an ideal length for gears of one or two days (even in winter, if touch carry crampons or more material), with two independent compartments sealed zippers, one side and another back, which will allow us to divide the smaller packages and access them from an ingeniously easy way.

According to, in addition to the Pack bottom reinforced to withstand friction and for the containment of weight (note is not a right backpack for charging more than 12 kilos), the Sprint 30 makes a special nod to all its outdoor activity users, hikers, climbers or skiers; the absence of mushroom or top hood easier and very quick access to the inside of the backpack, which will arrive with a simple gesture both on opening and closing, thanks to the tightening strap. We can also fix a climbing rope that then we will link with compression straps side, and in this way will prevent that it could get lost or hinder us during any manoeuvre with this same system of closing (called not in vain Easy Access System).

Price of amateur I have obtained a technical backpack who knows my needs on any terrain. In the vertical and horizontal I could test your comfort and extreme functionality, surprising me by this forgotten gem Simond has in its catalogue.For all beginner or expert wishing to find a pack of medium-sized and closely reliable at this time, I take the freedom to point out this model and say, from my experience, its amazing versatility.

Since the Gorreta of the Gabatxos, for several months, until today, entered fall, and as the protagonist of a poem by Dante, he crowned the three peaks of the hell’s peaks, 3,073, 3,082 and 3.076 meters of altitude, respectively. Also travel pictured it along with two good friends by the edge of the crest of the marble from the ibon’s Tebarray, an alternative route and, as it has become the custom, quite vertical.

Sprint 30 also followed me until the two peaks of the castle of Atxer (2.384 and 2.347 meters), in the Valley of Etxo, and days later through the Gabardito Valley, in the shadow of the impressive north face of the mass of the Bisaurin (2,670 m).

Recently I have enjoyed a break much more relaxed by the level of the Hospital of Benasque, in the heart of the Posests-Maladeta Natural Park, enjoying the views of the northern slopes of the Aneto and its glacier sprinkled with the first significant snow of this season of 2015. Finally up to date, and in the company of one of my best friends, I tried the Sprint 30 at ascension to 2,847 the Tendeñera from Bujaruelo meters, and subsequent mapping of the rugged crest of year, an explosion of limestone perfect for lovers of the verticality and trad climbing.

The crest of the year is an explosion of limestone perfect for lovers of the verticality and trad climbing. The material accompanying me gave the size even in the most difficult moments.

This diverse mosaic of activities, it only remains for me test the backpack in multi-pitch sport climbing and backcountry skiing. But now I know that you I have the first material that can be trusted.

And speaking of ski touring… It starts to cool for climbing rock in the Pyrenees. Today I look optimistically toward the clouds and I see that at the end of October are now the first snows at summits and the high valleys of the mountains. A few days ago it was full moon, it snowed, and we know what reza wisdom; «Snow in October Moon, seven moons covers». Two years ago it snowed in this same moon, and was a winter white gold until input spring-rich. In short, I do not know what opinaréis you, but just in case, other than that we apuremos then too the time, gonna go sharpening crossing skis and ice-axe. Few weeks separate us from the winter, so it is the ideal time to prepare. With a bit of luck, the pictures that come out of the following excursions will be dyed white and cold.

Who can avoid smiling at this thought?