Baby Carriage – The Best Choices

It’s not always easy to choose which stroller to buy, is not it? In this post you can take some doubts to not miss the time to choose the cart that will accompany your little one over the years. Check it!

It is very common that there is a question among moms about the baby carriage . After all, what is the ideal? In fact, there is no absolutely right answer to this question, what one can think of is the needs of the child and also of those responsible. There are models for a simple walk, there are those that can be used as a crib, or bassinet and there are those that bring together more than one function into a single object.

In this post we will show some models of baby strollers of different brands available in Tricae. Ask your questions and take the opportunity to choose the best possible cart for your needs. Check it:

Baby stroller with baby comfort

These are the models most sought after by the dads and the mothers to shelter their children.Generally, those in charge prefer to buy a single model as soon as the baby is born and therefore baby strollers with baby comfort are the best option as they can serve the children for a long time.

Another important detail is that upon leaving maternity, the child should be properly accommodated in their baby comfort to be placed inside the car.By law, the baby can not board a vehicle without being safe in baby comfort.All these factors show us that the stroller with baby comfort, also known as Travel System, is the best option for those who wish to have only one cart.

Baby carriage Burigotto

Burigotto is a brand that has become a reference in the market for baby strollers and other objects, such as collapsible cribs, for example. Their strollers have a huge quality and offer much comfort and safety for the child and also for the dads and moms. There are models for all needs and pockets, that is, you can get the ideal stroller for your little one without having to focus and despair.

Among all the models of the brand available here in Tricae, stands the Burigotto Class 1 Astro, a complete model that meets the diverse needs, since it has a comfortable seat to house the child, besides accompanying a Neonate Nest, which Is able to comfortably and safely accommodate your newborn baby. In addition, it has a conjugated brake system, which offers greater safety for those pushing the same, not to mention that it has large container and large wheels that provide greater stability for the cart.

Baby carriage Galzerano

Galzerano is a brand that since 1958 invests in heavy childcare, ie baby carriages, collapsible cots, dining chairs and etc.Their trolleys have an exceptional quality, which guaranteed the brand ISO 9001/2008 seal, which proves all the comfort and safety offered to children and their caretakers.Therefore, when choosing a stroller, be sure to research about the Galzerano.

Among its main models is the Pegasus, which stands out for the comfort provided to the child and also to whom guides the cart.It has three seating positions, which adapt to the child’s daily routine, that is, she can sit watching the ride, or lying down taking that little one.Perfect, is not it?The Pegasus supports children up to 15kg, which increases its useful life.

Lenox Baby Carriage

Another brand known for the high quality products is Lenox. The brand that has been in the national market for more than forty years is one of the best options when it comes to heavy childcare. In addition to baby carriages, the brand sells car seats, food seats, collapsible cribs and more. With so many things, Lenox shows that it makes and thinks its products with a lot of care and care for children.

Among its models, it stands out Helios, a modern and practical Travel System, able to meet the most diverse needs of children and their parents. With three kind of accent, it can be a stroller, a crib stroller and the baby comfort can be docked to comfortably and safely accommodate your baby. Lightweight, it can be used even by moms who like to play sports, since it is easily driven during a jog in the park.

Chicco Baby Stroller

Chicco is an Italian brand known worldwide for its high quality products.Always thinking about the comfort and safety of the small ones, your articles are elaborated under the strictest quality controls.In addition to the trolleys, Chicco produces baby bottles, pacifiers, toys and more, and always with the quality that every mother expects when she gets a product for her children.

But, speaking of baby strollers, the Living model is one that stands out.It is a complete Travel System capable of adapting to almost every situation of a family’s daily life.Its seat has adjustment to accommodate the child during a ride or during a nap.With them, your tours will be much more fun.Check it!

For you, Mom, what is your favorite stroller model?What are the criteria taken into account when choosing the right product?Leave your comment with suggestions and criticisms.I hope you enjoyed.