Baby Bump Pregnant to a Wedding

In the 27th week, it went for me at a civil wedding of our friends. Do I wear only what? How big will my belly be when? Those were the first questions that I shot through the head. End of January we were invited, and at that time I had really hard belly. This change that, however, was of course aware.

I found my dress for the wedding with my mother in the wardrobe. 4 weeks ago I tried me by your pregrancy fashion beautiful dress collection. A dress that is more beautiful than the other. My mother wears a dress size greater than I. Since I don’t so much have taken until now, I was really lucky and found quickly. Four weeks later I moved on again my favorite. They actually still fit. I chose the dark-blue, figure-hugging dress by TK Maxx. Finally, I also want to emphasise my baby belly! Like you like my look for the civil wedding?

Well Dressed Without Maternity Clothes! My Tips:

Rent something from a friend/acquaintance who wears a slightly larger dress size.

Try this on normal clothes in a bigger size.

Buy a number greater than the pantyhose.

Wear something, what you feel comfortable!