Avoid the Hassles in the Early Days Of the Gym

With This Primer, No One Suspects That You Never Set Foot There

The first big step you’ve already taken: you left your laziness aside and enrolled in a gym. The problem now is to face the new world that awaits you, full of people healed and accustomed to the practice of exercises. To help you tackle the gadgets, classes and even shyness when entering an unfamiliar environment, My Life ran after an expert on the subject and set up a primer for beginners in the workout.

Next, you check all the tips and advice of the teacher and coordinator of the Tamboré unit of Bio Ritmo, Eder Rosendo. He outlines practical steps for you to familiarize yourself with classes, get involved with other students, opt for the right accessories, and know what to expect from the academy you are attending.

Evaluate Your Physical Fitness

The key is always beaten by professionals in the area for the importance it has: you can not start any physical activity without first checking your fitness level. For this, the medical examination and the physical assessment, generally required by the academies at the time of enrollment, are essential. With the X-ray of your physical conditioning, the teacher can chart the right workout for you to achieve your goals.

The Role Of The Teacher

In bodybuilding, he is responsible for the series of exercises you will do each month. After checking what your goals are, he formulates a training appropriate to your profile and teaches you to perform the movements.

When you get the practice well, the professional is there to follow your workouts and answer you if you have any questions. But, rest assured, he will not pass the whole training at his side. The role of the teacher is to regulate the apparatus when the student needs and keep an eye on the movements, Eder says. If you want a closer follow-up, the Bio Ritmo coordinator advises the work of a personal trainer.

Already in the group classes, there is not much doubt: the teacher teaches the movements and the students repeat the series, guided by the professional. And do not worry about your fitness. The teacher directs the focus of the class to beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

Keep An Eye On Your Behavior

In addition to being disciplined in the exercises, you need to worry about some duties when it comes to pulling weight. In the locker room, for example, use the closet only when you are inside the gym, without leaving your belongings there, from one day to the next. Most gyms have rotary cabinets. Just use a padlock when storing your things and, after training, letting the next student free, simplifies Eder.

Always carry a washcloth with you to dry the sweat when performing the exercises. If you still wet the appliances you use, refer to the flannel or disposable papers offered by the gym to get everything in order and sanitized for the next.

Another regiment of good fellowship at the academy concerns the organization. When you need to work out with the dumbbells, put them back in place, respecting each other’s load.

Invest In The Right Accessories

According to Eder, sneakers are at the top of the list of important exercise accessories. It does not have to be expensive tennis, but it is important to look for a model that is comfortable and suitable for the type of activity you are going to practice. The teacher also alerts you to your type of footfall. It is worth analyzing the type of footprint you have with a visit to the orthopedist, and then choose the most appropriate sneakers, give the hint.

As for the models that you intend to display by the gym, they should be the lightest possible, made of fabrics of easy breathing. Eder says the idea that heavy clothes burn more calories is totally unfounded.

Abandon the idea of ​​wearing heavy gym clothes to exercise and lose weight faster according to entertainmentdns.com. The body needs to breathe. One more advice from the Bio Rhythm teacher is that women who have a lot of breast need to be careful about the impact of the exercises. Ideally, wear the top over the regular bra.

Shortcut For Friendships

The best way to get into the gym is to go to the gym classes. When it comes to sweating the shirt, the students interact with each other and the weather is stimulating. But if you plan to be alone with bodybuilding, Eder ensures that the teacher can help you. Talk to the instructor about various subjects. Knowing some of his tastes, he will insert you into groups similar to you and will know which classes to recommend.