Authenticity and eloquence – in life and on the wrist

Bob Geldof photo: Maurice Lacroix

But as seeking you in life as well as in the achievement of professional ideals such as authenticity, eloquence and identification? How to get to it, to combine conventional ideas and freedom, without deforming itself? Who helps one to deny these ethical way?

Exactly such questions were the founding fathers of the 1975 based watch manufacturer Maurice Lacroix. They not only were they that they became the company’s maxim of life. Thus created over the years a company which not understood wants to see the watches manufactured by him as cliché high-risk status object, but rather as an expression of living freedom, representing each subtle but expressive.

It was due that the company managed to attract well-known and globally recognized representatives exactly this setting. With Sir Bob Geldof, Justin Rose and Jimmy Wales three wonderful people are the company aside, that embody exactly these corporate principles through her entire life’s work. Bob Geldof, as Philantrop, visionary and organizer of the world’s most prominent fund-raisers LiveAid and Live 8, entered his life for humanitarian and unselfish purposes. He devoted himself to his goals always with loyalty to his ideals.

As their own way denying that symbolize the golfer Justin Rose and the founder of the website Wikipedia Jimmy Wales characteristics such as assertiveness, Visionismus and willpower. The company managed it this way to win three models, which are available as for eloquence and authenticity, as the company Maurice Lacroix for his award-winning designs and ingenious movements by the hand of their customers.

CEO Martin Bachmann was accordingly pleased with Sir Bob Geldof, Justin Rose and Jimmy to win Wales Ambassador for the company and thus also at the global level to give style and substance of the watch brand Maurice Lacroix. “Always the unconventional appeals to me,” says Sir Bob Geldorf, adding, “things around me must just have substance. In life it is always the best, to follow the less trodden path.”– exactly the motto of the company Maurice Lacroix on the way to realize themselves.