On winding paths: Woven, knitted and Verzwirbeltes

Sometimes the ideas are somehow in the air. They are subject to unconscious currents, developments and trends and results as a logical result of previous ideas, which are expanded and further thought. People with a seismographischem sense of these vibrations explore first and implement it in their own way. We have discovered a few trendsetters for you devoted to the topic of tangles, entanglements, and linkages in the jewelry.

We learned about Verena Schreppel for example last summer at the Tendence in Frankfurt. The product designer has a fairly broad portfolio to which the collection belongs braid. For these pieces of jewellery, real hair was braided and then cast in silver or gold. Brooches, rings or necklaces get so their unique structure.

Also Yasmin Mirza-Zadeh alias Goldmiss relies on the old art of weaving. Starting from their top jewelry that brings the traditional European craftsmanship of handmade with Oriental motifs in harmony, she developed first the node ring collection. In this, the tip is reduced on the single thread is looped to different nodes. Now the braided rings have emerged from this. The complexity reduction and in small increments back again, could the motto of gold Miss loud.

At Marc O ’ Polo is the knitting design from fashion, which provides the new jewelry pieces his soft touch. Diamond pattern reminiscent of snug knit sweater, narrow cords determine the delicate rings nestled in loosely looped nodes around the finger. But no matter whether braided, twisted, knotted or knitted – each jewelry piece gives the jewellery wearer girlish charm and seduces maybe even to weave wreaths of flowers again, to bind elaborate braids, or again to dig out the knitting needles.