Athleisure Fashion Trend

Our ATHLEISURE LOOK a few days ago seems to have you liked-so we send right now another afterwards! Today a second, Casual athleisure outfit for you have put together to show how the athleisure look to function in everyday life.

Athleisure Fashion Trend

Recap: athleisure actually means so much that her clothes from sports combined in your everyday outfit, such as a cool Yoga Tight, a cool Sportbra or a casual hoodie. While we have put more on a glamorous athleisure look at the last time, we want to hold a total of something naughty and more casual this time.

Here we Goooooo:

These casual combo can make us delight in literally gambols. Our model wears a Nici Tight Cambio, which has an extremely sporty touch to the side, white inserts.

Sporting Tights are an eye-catcher and available on the net in various colors and shapes. Nike and Adidas offer as great tights for the sporty fashion look through

Since we rely on the complete sporting athleisure variant this time, Nici takes time not to send high heels, but to comfortable and cool sneakers from PUMA . Here the recurring color scheme in the shoes fits perfectly with the pants.

Which Sneakers held if more flashy or plain, you should make depends on the rest of outfit. If you are already carrying a flashy top, you should tend to fall back on a simple black or white model. In a rather eye-catching shoe, the rest of the outfit should be kept rather clean, that you do not like ausseht dressed!

he sneakers and the colors simple style pants Nici are properly gas with wild and colorful sweater by Adidas. So you fall definitely on! If that is too conspicuous, which can of course also attract a more simple sweater in college or an easy T-shirt with a light sweater, such as by RIANI over it.

Gaudy, colorful, wild and crazy – or rather clean, soft and easily? Decides itself, which want to pull her sweater over it!

Nici loves her super cozy and super stylish look in any case. With this outfit, rocking her university, school or the city. Dare to try the trend!