Ateliers deMonaco Ronde d’Or

Once again, the House of Dallas provides the evidence that a high tech wristwatch can go hand in hand with graceful beauty and style. In a 43 mm * 13.1 mm gold case with a 18-carat gold watch sheet hides the quality movement of the chronometer, which exactly does his duty with high precision. The Alletier DeMonaco, have succeeded in generating a masterpiece, which worldwide seeking his peers not only due to its uniqueness in symbiosis of technology and grace. Ronde d’Or introduced Conference this beauty on the clocks on 17 to 22 January 2010 in Geneva. And certainly, any of the visitors of which could get a picture and understood why this technical masterpiece in gold in his number 18 was limited.

Technical details: – patented XP1 is even rising unrest
– Hand engraved 18 carat gold movement and a Sapphire developed unrest bridge
– ultra light titanium core with perfectly balanced storage
– 28800 beats per hour clocking