Atelier Reister ARS

So, how delicate facial expression lines and small wrinkles reflect the personality of a man, so also the finely structured surfaces give the jewelry by ARS – short for Atelier Reister Straubenhardt – a special and individual character. But unlike the human aging, the structures incorporated in 750 gold and Silver 925 are wanted and deliberately caused. Times they remind of thirsty Earth, time’s sand-blasted rocks, then again on plant surfaces or even fossil relics, which retain their shape in precious metals.

Nature’s variety of designers provides new inspiration. There is also another aspect clearly: the love of art. Because the letters ARS are not only for the abbreviation of manufacture, but also the Latin word for art form. An artistic design in handmade Goldsmith tradition, the production in small series and the implementation of customer requests characterized the Atelier Reister. In addition to pieces of jewellery in gold and silver – often in bi color optics – the company offers fine jewelry watches, follow the creative handwriting of jewelry. The dials of the characteristic timepieces are handmade in pure gold, Swiss precision watch movements and sapphire glass underline the significance, the housings are like the jewelry, made in 750 gold and Silver 925.

The company’s Web site provides an overview of the collections, the news will be presented regularly on Facebook.