ASUS IFA-News: Will Provide Extreme Value for Money

ASUS takes up 25 years, and it is with renewed ambition to Asus augments their mobile portfolio with a rethinking of everything from laptops to smartwear.

Should it be so expensive?

As part of Asus’s new strategy, they will offer high quality, at a price everyone can understand. The first expression of the mission could be experienced in the Zenfone series. The success was to feel in, and now the Lange 1 million Asus smartphones over the disk every month. Good numbers, since that Asus is far from covering the entire world market.

During the IFA fair, which kicks off, Asus has unveiled a new Android tablet and Windows laptop.

ASUS Memopad 7

Memopad 7, as indicated a 7 “tablet that runs Android KitKat. Memopad comes with a powerful Intel Atom cpu, Full HD widescreen 1200 p resolution, and sumptuous materials. It is thus a designer tablet with launch until October.

CPU: Intel Atom Z3560
Front and back camera on 2Mpix 5Mpix camera.
Weight: 269gram
Thickness: 8 3milimeter
Stereo speakers with SonicMaster audio enhancement
Colour: Rosé champagne, black and rødvinsrød.

Available with Wi-Fi and a more expensive version with both Wi-Fi and 3 g.
Price: 199 € with 3 g and 149 with Wi-Fi.

In addition, the device also benefit from specific services such as Asus Asus Entertainment Pad and Asus incredible.

ASUS EeeBook-netbookens rebirth

The taiweniesiske giant has previously made small portable with full size keyboard, the new EeeBook is no exception.

The device weighs 980 grams, making it lighter than light a macbook Air. EeeBook has 12 hours of battery and 14 days standby. EeeBook is a modern netbook, and it turns out, among other things, by the fact that EeeBook to be used as a mobile, as the notifications still ticking in, even during standby.

Screen: 11.6 “HD resolution
Goal: 1, 75 cm thin, 980 grams
Processor: Intel Atom Quad-core, 1, 33GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Storage: 32/64 GB
Battery: 12 hours of operating time, 14 days connected standby
Operating system: Windows 8.1

Price: 199 Euro, so well over 1500 crowns.