Apple Will Start The Production of The IPhone Is in India Starting in April 2017

Finally, the Apple company will start to produce its first Smartphone in India. According to a report from AppleInsider, the Cupertino firm chose the iPhone as the first device that will be manufactured in India and It plans to start production of the equipment in the coming months through the manufacturer Wistron.

The news was given by half The Economic Times, which citing sources familiar to Apple plans, ensures that the company will start to produce lower priced iPhone in April on the ground of Bengaluru, pointing to a final production from 300,000 to 400,000 units.

An important fact is that, according to the report, the Apple company will start production of the devices until the India Government deliver the final verdict on the economic concessions proposed by Apple. According to AppleInsider, Apple would be looking for tax compensation and lower rights fees in Exchange for bringing his business of manufacturing to the country.

“It is the first initiative of Apple in India (…) The demands that have been made are that the company plans to increase and continue manufacturing in the country”, said a senior official of the Government.

A growth opportunity for Apple

The idea of Apple at the beginning of the production of these phones in India, is capturing a large share of the growing market for smart phones in the country. Even as discussed them recently, there is opportunity for growth which is expected to 750 million phones from today will be sold up to the year 2020. Similarly, the manufacture of telephones in India would allow the Cupertino firm offer more competitive prices to users.