Apple Will No Longer Train Its Genius in Cupertino: in Stores Will Make It

An essential part in the formation of the Genius working at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store was the of travel to Cupertino for two or three weeks in Group. There they received training after being trained in their own countries, so that all the Genius had passed at least once by Infinite Loop. Or there, or at least in some Apple in Austin or Atlanta complex. For many this was as “a Rite” that had to spend everything, an “experience that changed you life”.

But as they have known sources of MacRumors this will change. Now employees of Apple that are forming to be Genius they will receive such training through webinars, from own stores that have been selected and the system called Apple Technical Learning Administration System or ATLAS. Each store managers have begun to already inform applicants to be Genius.

Temporary measure prior to the new Apple Park or evolution of?

Employees, apparently, can even use a virtual interface to learn how to repair devices. The source points out that maybe a Genius will repair your iPhone knowing how to do it without hardly touching the phone before. It is possible that this change is only temporary while the new Apple Park opens not be, but knowing that the sessions could be in other cities I see it more as an evolution of this type of internal formations.

MacRumors also reminds us that there is now a new figure called technical expert, halfway between technical specialist and Genius, that is also capable of repairing mobile phones. Raises the demand for repairs, the training of qualified personnel has to streamlined and this ought to be a way to fix it.