Apple Will Be Part of The Regulatory Committee of Autonomous Vehicles in The United States

Although the Apple company decided to defer his plans with the automotive industry, apparently his interest in this sector is still alive. According to 9to5Mac, the Department of transportation of the United States is forming a new Committee of automation to monitor self drive transport policy, one of its 25 members will be Lisa Jackson, Vice President of environmental, political and social initiatives of Apple.

The medium indicated that the Committee will have its first meeting on 16 January and that related topics addressed in this space to the development and deployment of automated vehicles, In addition to determining the needs of the Department.

“This new Committee of automation It will work to advance innovations that can save lives at the same time that boost our economy and make our transport network a more fair, reliable and efficient,”said Anthony Foxx, Secretary of transportation of the United States.

According to 9to5Mac, this Committee will play a critical role in the exchange of best practices, challenges, and opportunities in automation, In addition to open lines of communication so that stakeholders can learn and adapt based on the feedback of others.

The key presence of Lisa Jackson

The choice of Lisa Jackson within the Committee is linked to the work being played as administrator of the Agency’s protection environmental of the United States (EPA) until 2013, the year in which he joined Apple

In addition to the presence of the Apple Executive, the Committee will be personalities of ZipCar, FedEx, Hyperloop one, Delphi Automotive, of the National Security Council, of the American Transport Association, State Farm Insurance, Lyft, Uber, the University of California at Berkeley, Duke University, among others.