Apple Is Considering Still iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 comes in two versions are as good as probably, but Apple says there might not be any iPhone 6.

An official from Thailand has confirmed that the next iPhone will come in 2 versions, but that information is leaked Apple, who now have no hats said that iPhone 6 may not come.

Apple has sent a delegation to the NBTC in Thailand, where the acknowledgement came from, to talk to the man behind it and express his discontent, and as an example of the fact that there was too much information out, has the Apple folks let tell you that iPhone 6 might not be the name.

As we have previously been able to tell, so has anyone thought that the largest variant of the iPhone 6 will called iPhone Air instead, and it is possible that Apple will use the name for both in one form or another in place of the number system.

Takorn Tantasith stands by his statements in spite of Apple’s regrets. He claims that the rules are followed, and that his announcement about Apple’s approval has not been anti-competitive.