Apple Goes over to the Chinese Data Center

In the wake of the controversy about the relationship between Apple and the Chinese authorities move Apple now data center.

Reuters writes that Apple has started using China Telecom’s data centers for storage of data for some of its Chinese customers, and this is the first time Apple uses servers physically located in the vast Asian country.

Apple Goes over to the Chinese Data Center

According to a statement from Apple in order to increase the speed and reliability about iCloud, the Americans will take China Telecom’s servers to store data from China. 

Apple also stresses that all data is encrypted on the servers, and China Telecom will not have access to any of the data, the Apple store there.

Jeremy Gold grains from a Research Institute that focuses on aParentingBlog, internet and consumers believe that Apple is caught as a lice between two nails. He believes that Apple will not be able to say “no” to the Chinese authorities, if they want to have access to Apple’s data.

“If they want to run a business in China, so they must also follow the requirements from the authorities. On the other hand, they could look forward to the impact from the authorities if they are not retained Chinese data on a Chinese server, “says Gold grain told aParentingBlog.

The move comes after a period of friction between Apple and China, however, even though it has been denied from both sides.

In China, there is a strict censorship and problems to keep authorities out of citizens’ privacy, and it is for this reason, among others, Google so far refuses to have servers in the country.