Apple Celebrates Martin Luther King Day Remembering His Legacy

Apple tends to commemorate anniversaries or major events rarely, but when it does, it does it big. Remember, for example, also the mother’s day, or the day of the Earth, but when what takes place is important, Apple dress up the web for this purpose, and is just what has happened today with the birthday of Martin Luther King. Since his death is celebrated in United States “MLK Day” which takes place the third Monday of the month and is a public holiday in that country.

The firm He has completely dedicated throughout the home of your website (in the United States only) to commemorate the birth of the well-known defender of human rights and the equality of persons. On the web you can see a photograph of oversized MLK along with one of his most famous quotations.

“We work for Justice and equality”

“Compromise on the noble battle for the defence of human rights. Will you manage to be a better person, living in a large nation and a better world”, is the quote that occupies the bulk of the home. This public the principles of Martin Luther King defense arrives in a special moment by the events that you know.

But here have not been celebrations, since the own Tim Cook has used his Twitter account to disseminate one phrase more and honor this character: “We honor MLK working to achieve justice and equality” and adding other appointments: “we have been able to get in different boats, but we are all in the same boat.”.