Apple Acquires Israeli Company ‘RealFace’ Facial Recognition

Rumor related to the arrival of facial recognition to iPhone ever made more sense. According to MacRumors, Apple company just purchased RealFace, a cybersecurity firm specializing in the development of facial recognition technology, as an alternative to the current methods of identification.

The journal ‘Times of Israel’ was commissioned to confirm the news, ensuring that company founded in 2014 was acquired by Apple for several million dollars. Even according to the medium, the startup of israeli origin He developed a unique facial recognition technology that integrates intelligence artificiall and ‘puts human perception on digital processes’.

MacRumors also ensures that RealFace software uses the intellectual property in the field of “facial recognition without friction”, which allows a fast learning of the facial features. The israeli startup also developed an application called Pickeez, which selected and collected the best pictures of a user across several platforms and social networks, using the same facial recognition software.

An iPhone with facial recognition?

A few days ago we told them that, according to JP Morgan, 8 iPhone would have a facial recognition system that would make unnecessary the use of the mark. Rumor indicates that the tenth anniversary phone would have a scanner 3D laser that would facilitate the identification of the user.

In addition to this rumor, in January, Business Insider revealed that, according to a team of analysts, iPhone 8 would bring a facial recognition system using a new laser near the front camera sensor.

With this, we can say that this recent acquisition makes more sense. In addition, it is important to remember that in March 2015 Apple patented a facial recognition system to unlock, and also block, iPhone, suggesting that this topic has been in the plans of the company for quite some time.