Android M: First Update For Developer Preview

The developer preview 2 improved details of the new permissions management and fixes some bugs. It is available for some nexus devices. At the same time, Google confirmed to lie in the schedule and in the autumn to release Android M.

Google has released the first update to the preview release of the next version of Android, the developer preview 2 of Android M. It is for the nexus Smartphone 5 and 6, the Tablet nexus 9 and the TV box nexus player available, either directly on the device or on the download page. As usual, the SDK Manager provides the updates of the SDK, documentation and the emulator images.

The Preview 2 altered some details of the new rights management by Android M, as Google explains in detail. Now any app without question, do some more actions, use, for example, a fingerprint sensor or the Wi-Fi on and turn off. Write access to SD cards and USB devices, however, now generates a question among the users. The security settings now also apply to preloaded apps, they have to approve such as SD access by the user. An app can also query whether the user ever has denied a right. Google envisions that the app could provide an explanation then, requiring the right.

The finished version will appear at the same time confirmed the schedule of Android M: Google in autumn, the API will soon finalize Google. However, the Preview 2 was promised for June, it has delayed nearly two weeks. A preview of 3 to appear in the “late July”, what shifts but may appear on the August. (jow)