Android Is Deeply Fragmented

It is no secret that Android is a fragmented operating system, and it will be confirmed by new figures.

Apple does not have a particularly large selection of units with their iOS on, but on the other hand, there are enough models to take of, if you want one with Android. A new report from the Open Signal shows that there is barely 19,000 different units, which will be powered by Google’s operating system.

Exactly have Open Signal found 18,796 different models of mobile devices with Android, and it is considerably more than last year, when the registered 11,868 different models.

This fragmentation is both a strength and a weakness for Android is the claim from the Open signal, as it makes it difficult to develop for Android, but it is also the reason why the operating system has become so widespread.

The figures come from the 682,000 latest devices where Open Signals app (iOS, Android) has been installed in order to be able to compare with the numbers they got from the last and previous years, so the Open Signal had the same data pool to work with.

There are many interesting conclusions in Open Signals report, such as the fact that the 10 most popular models represent only 15 percent of the units that are included in the study.

In 2012 registered Open signal ‘only’ 3,997 different models that had downloaded Open Signals app, and so it is almost 5 times as many 2 years later. The report can be found on Open Signals website.