An Unknown Motorola Appears on The Scene, Influence Google?

A new Motorola phone has appeared on stage, images and video discover us a high-end device, which we doubt it is expected X phone, but we also consider that it begins to have influence Google.

Filtering is done by the boys of Tinhte, some Vietnamese who in the past have found us a good amount of gadgets, usually important, including Apple products. The more interesting it is to check that they are appreciated developments in relation to the line followed in previous products.

The main reason why we think that it is not X phone is for screen resolution, assemble an AMOLED panel with 1280 x 720 pixels. A fantastic resolution for most, but know that the terns of the market from now on will have Full HD. The size seems to be 4.65 inches.

Other details that we reveal on the phone: account with 2GB of RAM, the back panel can not be removed, the Motorola logo on the front it seems new to us, and the software is a clean Android with some Motorola widget version.

If it’s a prototype or a final unit of Motorola neither know with filtration, but yes we see a design different lines in it, without the typical finish Kevlar, and rounded in the rear lines. Better than in the pictures, you can meet him in the next video: