An Incredible Pocket Watch

They accompany the Relogiolândia, you know the unmistakable style of Urwerk. And yet, hardly not be surprised with your new creation: a Pocket Watch as there is equal, the Urwerk Zeit Device UR-1001.

The mechanism of the UR-1001 is identical to what was used in several notable models of modern Swiss brand. At first glance the this magnificent watch, jump to view the rotating triangular indicators, identical to that featured in watches UR-UR-110 and 203, the same brand. But the news are many.

With indicators and functions both in front, whether in verse, the Pocket Watch of Urwerk is also a watch “über complicated”. And no wonder, with a total of ten, three of them on the back, and in your most exclusive of Urwerk.

Ahead, at the bottom, is the triangular indicator that displays hours and minutes in a way similar to what was used in other models. The cubes in each of the three arms will engine turning, in order to display the current time in the arm which is below; There, a pointer that is retrograde this time (not mounted on the arm itself, as in other models), indicates the minutes.

A second mechanism at the top of the UR-1001, is the first major break in the Urwerk. The same mechanism is used here to present the data, with the ends of the arms to indicate the day and the arm itself the current month. In the case of an annual calendar, the engine has the ability to identify the different days in each of the months: in months with 30 days, the indicator jumps directly to 1 day, jumping 31 marker.

Also there, in a position that would be traditionally between the 3 and the 5 hours is still the second indicator, through a triple-scale 20, 40 and 60 seconds.

To your right, the power reserve automatic movement on your maximum load reaches the 39 hours. On the opposite side, a little down, is an indicator of day and night.

In the back, protected by a cover, the concept of measuring the time it takes a considerably larger scale, which suggests a certain timelessness and durability – Zeit – Device. On the right side, on top, a small display marks the year, on a scale of one hundred years; below, another indicator of the same size indicates the oil change of the motion, required every five years. On the opposite side, a vertical scale displays an indicator of a thousand years. Below, the verse ends with the beautiful rotor, with the same modern and attractive look that characterizes the entire design of the brand.

It is true that these complications, all this technical meaning and symbolism, constitute the main course of Urwerk UR-1001. However, the design of the box and all of its components cannot be ignored. Made in AlTiN, a League, and with elements in titanium, the box has dimensions of 106 mm high by 62 long, about 23. At the top, in your traditional position-and probably the only traditional element in this pocket watch – is the Crown.

The price of each of these clocks is unknown, but your value is unimaginable. And to be even more valuable, the UR-1001 is available only in a limited edition über:Urwerk will manufacture only eight copies of this awesome pocket watch!